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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 8, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it's friday, november 9th. president assad says he will live and die in syria. he dismissed rumors he will leave his country and warned against any military intervention. he says he is staying where he is and a foreign intervention would lead to a catastrophe.
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>> it will have a domino affect. >> government and opposition forces have not let up in their fact. the rebels fired at the presidential palace in damascus on wednesday where assad is believed to be staying. japanese lead esers are concerned about the number of ships from china's waters to the east sea. chinese ships started to appear in japanese waters on a regular basis in september just after japan nationalized three of the
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century senkaku islands. chinese leaders are taking part in a process that's highly control and highly secretive. the meeting happens every five years. delegates will approve new policies and appoint leaders for the five years to come. >> reporter: the congress opened thursday morning in beijing's great hall of the people. it's about a ten-minute drive from our studios. i went there to watch it all unfold. 2300 delegates from across the country gathered inside the great hall of the people.
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he's now in the midst of giving a work report on past achievements and future goals. >> translator: the communist part has united all ethnic groups across the country and led to people. we have transformed the old underdeveloped china into a new china that's prospering every day. the unbalance of development and lack of sustainability are still evident. there are many obstacles. the disparity between urban and rural areas is wide. corruption is still a problem.
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>> reporter: he spoke for about 90 minutes. >> translator: let's work together to double the gross domestic product and average income and build a moderately prosperous society. >> reporter: you with were with me in the great hall of the people when president ho was giving his final speech. what do you make of his words? >> the most note tbl part of the speech is when he spoke about the concept he's long supported. he wants to make scientific out
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look on development. one of the communist parties guiding principles. it calls for a review of the party's growth force policy and aims to incorporate sustainable development which takes into account social welfare and involvement making his concept a guiding principle would be part of the legacy. it would give him the status has past. also during his speech china's gap is wide and widening. he said the communist party will continue its effort to fight corruption. >> translator: all those who violate party discipline and state laws whoever they are and whatever power or official positions they have must be brought to justice without
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mercy. >> reporter: in some ways he spoke directly to citizens who are fed up with corruption. the party is trying to keep a lead on anti-government movements by addressing public frustration. >> what kind of changes are we going to see with the communist party political bureau and its inner leadership? >> reporter: after the congress closes next wednesday he would handle oaf the post of general secretary to ping who belongs to a younger generation. this time around there's one difference from the past. there's no so-called strong barrel.
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th the appointment to the top party post was a mark of sovereignty. he rose to the top as a result among a variety of inter party forces that would make it difficult to choose a new party leadership because those forces have conflicting agendas. many names as partial members. some believe some members would be chosen and steer the country into the future. the discussions are still going. we'll keep watching for any details of this process. >> reporter: thank you.
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mpblt chinese leaders are concerned about what's happening in the u.s. why should they be worried? >> we've heard the fiscal cliff quite a few times. we're going to hear much about it and that's a fact. tax cuts are going to expire just as spending cuts kick in and many fear this will push the
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u.s. into a recession. the head of china's central bank knows how connected the global economy is. he said it would have an impact well beyond the borders of the united states. >> translator: many drins are concerned about the possible effects of a fiscal cliff. the global economy faces a number of uncertainties which are making it hard to judge china's economic forecast for next year. >> some indicators are rebounding and the economy is stabilizing.
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>> the nikkei is down over 1% from thursday's close around 101 points. investors selling stocks. that's after the dow jones suffered more than 120 points. investors concerned about the u.s. fiscal cliff issue. let's switch to currency as well. let's have a look at the currency levels now. 79.50 to 51. euro 101.30. a possible delay in greece receiving financial aid.
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let's have a look at some of the regions indexes as well. sou south korea's kospi is trading down. toyota motor executives are boosting vehicles. it's said to become the production center. toyota president made the announcement in bangkok during the 50th anniversary ceremonies for the firm's thai unit. >> in the near future we plan to build as many as one million vehicles a year. >> the goal is to churn out one and a half times more product than the current 6,000 units per
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year. toyota is the best selling auto maker in thailand. three plants roll out vehicles for domestic consumption to over 100 countries including the rest of southeast asia. the indian government has approved a project to export rare earth metals to japan. japanese trading house and an indian firm have teamed up. sources say it was green lit on thursday. toyota executives are said to begin test operations next month at 80ss extraction facility in southern india. exports will begin next year.
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that's all for business news this hour. i'll leave you with a recap of the region's markets. it's two against one in south korea's upcoming election.
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now they're putting their plans into place. representatives hopeful met with supporters of independent candidate. they began crafting a common platform. they will select a candidate. now recent opinion polls suggest that opposition candidates must join forces to upset the ruling party candidate. she said disputed islands in the sea of japan's are southern territory and not the subject of any negotiations. japan claims the islands control them. she was positive toward the idea of a free trade agreement toward
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japan. negotiations have been suspended since 2004. >> translator: japan is an important friend of south korea. a free trade agreement would help increase economic cooperation between the two countries. >> park had previously referred to north korea and stressed her country would not tolerate provocations such as nuclear missile development. north korea responded with a statement saying the pledges are more threatening than the current. many world leaders found comfort in the status quo with the re-election of barack obama. those in afghanistan and pakistan may not have cheered his victory. obama will oversea the withdrawal of u.s. combat troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. that's a number of challenges in
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the region. >> reporter: afghanistan and pakistan are affected by the fights. about 100,000 american troops were stationed in afghanistan. the number has fallen to less than 70,000 and further reductions are planned. others worry the withdrawal could plunge the country back into unstable world. dialogue between the united states and taliban were suspended earlier this year. during the election campaign obama distanced himself from the
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issue to avoid being branded weak on terrorism. with the election behind him the president may become more flexible. here in pakistan relations with washington are expected to remain tense. the two sides differ over how to handle elements of al qaeda and other militants hiding in remote areas of pakistan near the afghanistan border. the obama administration has said they're not doing enough to comfort terrorists operationing on pakistani soil. the u.s. have stepped up terror attacks using unmanned drownes. the attacks have aggravated anti-american sentiments.
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if president obama want this to succeed he must see it in pakistan. all japanese and many people abroad are familiar with oragami. the craft has spread around the world. teachers in israel are using oragami but not to make beautiful figures.
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>> reporter: math teachers began using oragami about ten years ago. students are making geometry shapes. >> translator: when it comes to solving problems i find that oragami makes it easier. >> reporter: the teacher brought the craft to schools. when she was a child she watched a tv show about oragami. then she started making her own. 20 years ago she visited japan. it fascinated her. upon her return to israel she visited schools all over the country. she tried to introduce oragami
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as a teaching school. >> they laughed at me and said you ku go to the community center and teach a class. i really believed in it. >> reporter: her husband supported her through thick and thin. he's an oragami designer and the two meet at an international oragami event. through trial and error they figured out how to use it in math classes. >> i can fold a piece of paper. i'm in control. it's my body that's making it. my hands, my eyes, my brain. there's a fantastic sense of achievement even if you do the simplest thing when you're five years old. >> reporter: this is animated video that shows how teachers
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can use oragami. students must figure out the angles of each corner. this is a right angle so it's 90 degrees. they others are 45 degrees. >> they never forget it. it's important because they use the hand, hearing, golding. they use many sense. it's what makes them to understand it better. >> reporter: now about 120 kindergartens use oragami to learn geometry. >> translator: now we know there are many advantages to using
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oragami in class. for example, we have noted that teach teers who do not like to teach geometry begin teaching with enthusiasm. >> i think there's a lot more to discover. that's why i love this art. >> reporter: because of her tireless effort israeli children are learning math with traditional japanese craft. a storm has hit new york while people there are still recovering from supersandy. >> a week after hurricane sandy coast sea breed flooding along the east coast. the northeast is dealing with snow because of the mixed storm system. we have video out of new york. here is a shot of a water tanker
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that run aground after sandy. people are still struggling to recover from the devastation. let's show you the weather map. conditions have across the mid-atlantic coast as well as washington. new england and atlanta canada are dealing with heavy snow as well as strong winds. the system will quickly move off. out towards the west things are getting active as a new system is moving across this continent.
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we're seeing rain showers in the sierras and northern rockies. we're seeing heavy snow in montana and alberta. visibility could reduce to 400 meters. it's a very dangerous conditions. snow will also spread to the northern plains. temperatures very chilly. denver at 19 degrees. we'll be cooling down to minus two on your sunday. on the other hand temperatureses are getting back up. moving into east asia. rain is intensifying over southern china.
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all snow showers will be spreading toward the east. the peak of severe weather is over in northern japan but the risk och thunderstorms and hail will continue for the next several hours. dry conditions for the korean me pi peninsula. very chilly. mi minus 4. let's go over to europe and then we can see dot l clouds over the atlantic. this system is expecting cold
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air. to the south a lingering storm system bring in thunderstorms and heavy rain. rain will also spread through much of the bruns wick in the next 24 hours. it's achkting much of thunderstorm bringing in thunderstorm as well as heavy rain. temperatures are staying in the single digits. getting back to normal, 12 degrees and 12 degrees expected in vienna. here is my extended forecast.
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that concludes this edition
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of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
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